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Business Building / Marketing Workshops in the comfort of your home
or office by telephone

TeleSeminar Schedule

None Currently Scheduled

Market For Profits TeleSeminars are designed for businesses just like yours, who want instant and effective marketing solutions and ideas.

  • Want more marketing ideas to help get your business started?
  • Want Networking tips and techniques to boost your leads and sales?
  • Interested in how PR can get your name out?
  • Know what to do but not where to start?
  • Need some professional guidance for your marketing?
  • Can't travel or don't want to tie up a whole day?

These TeleSeminars are perfect for those that want more ideas on how to take their marketing efforts to the next level.

Discover the Conveniences and Benefits of On-line Learning.

  • Seminars typically last 1 hour.
  • The cost is typically $20-40, payable in advance by check or credit card.
  • The "bridge" phone call is probably long distance to one of two area codes. This separate charge will show up on your phone bill). Most long distance plans make this a $5-7 phone call, depending on your rate per minute.
  • When you are register for a seminar, we will send you complete instructions on what to do. This includes the number to call and guidelines for getting the most value from the seminar.
  • If you are unable to participate in one of our seminars but want to learn about the subject presented, you will be able to purchase an audio recording of the seminar as well as audios from previous seminars.
  • If you are registered and have to cancel, you will not be charged if you cancel at least 48 hours ahead of time. If you cancel within this time, we can arrange for a replacement from our waiting list to take your place.
  • This TeleSeminar will be recorded. By registering for this TeleSeminar, you are giving us expressed permission to record the session, including your comments, and others without any remuneration to you.

TeleSeminars (workshops by phone) could be the answer you've been looking for!

Now you can attend a workshop from the comfort of your home or office. A TeleSeminar is conducted over the phone using a "bridge" phone number that people from all over the world can call into. Decide which TeleSeminar you want to attend, register and pay for the class with your credit card by using our secure server, give us a call, or email us. Shortly after your payment is confirmed, you will receive all details, including the phone number you are to call for your seminar. All you need to have is a phone that is in a quiet place, a willingness to listen and any questions you might have on the subject matter.

Information About Market For Profits TeleSeminars

A TeleSeminar is an interactive "conference call" conducted via telephone led by Al Lautenslager. No special equipment is needed; just a standard telephone. All callers dial into the same telephone number at the seminar time and are automatically connected to each other, via a telephone bridge system.

Our TeleSeminar will provide you with a suggested action plan and strategies that will ensure your success in the areas of networking, PR and other specific areas of marketing that you can put to use immediately.

Each call usually lasts for about an hour, providing you with instant and cost effective solutions, tips and techniques to increase the profit and performance of you and your business.

Everyone who participates find the TeleSeminar to be the most cost effective and efficient way to obtain the latest information that will improve you and/or your business. Since many of us don't have the time to read a book or spend all day at a seminar, these Teleseminars are very time effective and can be delivered directly to you wherever you have a telephone!

TeleSeminars are very interactive. You may speak up, ask questions or make comments. The leader is in charge of the call and facilitates it, but also involves as many of the callers as possible. If questions still remain after the allotted time, they can be answered via e-mail.

Attendees receive great value from these seminars., Class sizes are generally small, the calls are highly interactive and discussion-based vs. listen-to-the-lecture. In the case of Al Lautenslager, your seminar leader, he is an active experts in the subject being presented.

TeleSeminar Schedule

None Currently Scheduled

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