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Programs/Presentation Topics
Professional Speaker - Alfred Lautenslager
Available as a keynote speaker or seminar/panel contributor

Now you can tap into valuable knowledge, insights and principles that will help you, your organization and business right now. Al will share many successful marketing stories from other clients he's worked with and demonstrate how these principles can apply to your business. You'll leave the presentation with ideas you can use that same day and be inspired and motivated to take your marketing and your business to a whole new level, all while marketing for profits.

Choose from 5 keynote subject areas for your group:

• "Opportunity is Everywhere,
    You Just Have to Know Where To Look”
After breaking out of a 17 year corporate career, Al decided to start seeking more opportunity. He fulfilled his entrepreneurial urges and became successful. He found that he not only was an idea generator, a good communicator and possessed an ability to sell ideas; he found that he was creating, pursuing and developing opportunity after opportunity, whether it was a business idea or a marketing idea to further a business along. He’s lived this, researched it, and seen those without it and now wants to share it.

Featuring the all new, Unique Opportunity R.A.D.A.R to help companies & organizations find opportunity, you will learn:

o Finding Opportunity is a Necessity

o Your Radar Needs Recalibrating

o There is Gold in the Pebbles

o Conventional Wisdom is Wrong

o How to Reconnect The Dots to find opportunity

• Networking For Profits
Networking is the Primary need of small business startups, independent professional and ongoing concerns: (for short term survival and long term sustainability.) It is attributed as the number one reason most companies are successful. Networking in the most efficient way will skyrocket your sales, prospecting efforts and profits. Al will share with you, easy-to-use tips and techniques on how to improve your networking skills instantly. This is our most requested series.

• PR For Profits
Companies and organizations just like yours are reaching higher levels of success everyday - and they're doing it with just a little bit of PR. The power of the press is incredible. It is incredible if approached the right way. Al Lautenslager will tell you what methods work best, things the press likes and things they don't; how to build relationships with editors and much much more. Those that have attended Al's presentations on PR have put ideas in action the same day they hear him. Al's style and presentation cuts through all the clutter and offers a very common sense approach to the whole subject of using the media to promote your business and organization.

• Entrepreneurism For Profits
Hear it from someone who has been through the trials and tribulations. Hear it from someone who lives the entrepreneurial dream each and everyday. Al has started up numerous businesses. Hear the stories, the insight and the lessons learned along the way. If you've ever had an itch to start your own business, you must hear this spirited, high energy presentation on entrepreneurism. Whether you are an idea person looking to get to the next step or a larger organization wanting to breed entrepreneurial spirit, Entrepreneurism For Profits is for you. Al's passion becomes contagious and he is a vast resource for information related to this subject.

• The Balancing Act - The Role Of The Selling Owner
You’ve got a business, now what? Something must get sold. Who sells it? To whom? What do you sell? Who is ultimately responsible? The salesperson, the sales manager, the business owner? What is the role of the business owner?

This year, you are going to lose 25% of your business*. What are you going to do about it? *Average attrition rate in some industries.

At no other time in the past decade have business owners faced such a flurry of sales issues flying at them all at once. Do I have the right sales approach? Do I have the right people selling for me? Do I have enough sales activity? Do I as the owner need to be calling on customers and prospects? When will things turn around for our industry? Many entrepreneurs and business owners accustomed to good times may not have the experience or memories to fall back on during the down cycles. Knowing the role of the owner in all of these situations is paramount to the success of a business.

Al Lautenslager lays out the owner's role in selling, how marketing fits in and how a business can grow with the right sales and marketing attitude, skills, environment and organization, in his live, energetic presentations.

• Instant Customers!
10 Things To Do To Get A Customer Now And Other Insider Secrets.
Al provides the insiders secrets you need to know to build up a solid customer base for your businesses and how you can leverage those opportunities for quick business.

In this presentation, you learn:

- At least 10 things you can do today that work

- Things that don't work and why

- How to get other people to do your marketing for you

- Ways to get not just the order but the ongoing business

- A source to instantly add people to your network

- How a personal touch can add to your business

- 15 ways to market with articles

After attending his presentations, participants are:

• More clear about simple techniques to use in networking and PR

• Focused on the things that work and not hung up on a lot of theory

• Inspired to take action

• Easily able to implement new ideas the same day

Al is an award winning marketing/PR consultant, direct mail promotion specialist, best-selling author and entrepreneur. His businesses have helped hundreds succeed in their own businesses. Armed with an MBA, Al has successfully progressed through all facets of business. He has an impressive record that includes effective financial and sales planning, market development, a consistent growth in sales and profits above industry standards, resource management, product development, marketing management and overall general management. He is the principal of Market For Profits.

Available for Full or Half Day Workshops, Conferences, Keynotes, Panels and Consultation!

For booking inquiries, please contact
Al Lautenslager today, call (630) 740-1397 or Al@AlLautenslager.com

Al is a member of the National Speakers Association and is listed in Who’s Who in Professional Speaking. Get ready to walk the walk as Al talks the talk.

• Improve Your Networking Skills Instantly

• Learn Easy-To-Use Tips and Techniques For Effective PR

• Hear About The True Spirit of Being an Entrepreneur


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