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Why do companies lead in their industry, lead in market share and lead in recognizable brands do so? For these organizations things like innovation, creativity and opportunity are priorities. Organizations who want to change their perspective, think differently and move to a different level in these areas are prime for Al’s speaking.

Surveys show a very high percentage of companies think that innovation is more important than it was 5 years ago but that a small percentage of them still feel they are where they need to be relative to performance in innovation and opportunity seeking. Hearing Al speak will help companies get on their way to where they want to be.

Al’s presentations can be customized to any audience, and cover a wide range of timely marketing topics:

• "Opportunity is Everywhere,
You Just Have to Know Where To Look”

• Networking For Profits

• PR For Profits

• Entrepreneurism For Profits

• The Balancing Act
The Role Of The Selling Owner

• Instant Customers!
10 Things To Do To Get A Customer Now
And Other Insider Secrets.

Your audience will benefit in any number of ways by Al Lautenslager's presentations:

• They will understand simple techniques to use in networking and PR

• They will be focused on the things that work

• They will be inspired to use knowledge and ideas to great success

• They will be able to easily implement new ideas the same day To book Al Lautenslager today, call (630) 740-1397 or Al@AlLautenslager.com


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