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There are literally hundreds of marketing ideas in these e-books...

In today’s competitive environment, entrepreneurs, America's fastest-growing professional group, business owners, managers and professionals will need to master a wide range of marketing strategies and tactics in order to grow and increase their business. The e-books on this page will help you with that.

Market for Profits in Writing I - provides results-oriented articles to help you attract new customers and keep the ones you have.

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Market for Profits in Writing II - is a collection of the most popular marketing and business articles by Al Lautenslager that have appeared online and in leading business publications.

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Packed with many ideas that can be implemented immediately and at little or no cost, all in the spirit of Guerrilla Marketing, these articles will provide you with just that one more bit of information that you need to get to a new level.

Free Reports with every e-book order!

Each volume contains two free special reports in addition to the many articles in each. Just 5 minutes a day.

Make Yourself More Valuable Just by reading something in one of these volumes for 5 Minutes A Day.

Networking Workbook

Brand new e-book reveals more about adding to your network of people than ever.

Stop Trying To Figure Out Who To Meet Next For Your Network...

Stop Trying To Figure Out Where That Next Sale Will Come From...

"Here's How You Can Instantly Add People To Your Network!"

At least 50 People can be instantly added to your network the minute you download this e-book manual. It gives you everything you need to add way more than 50 too.

More People In Your Network Means More Sales!

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Networking Workbook - For Women

Networking Manual For Women, Instant Referrals, Making Connections, Generating Leads

Building a Woman's Network is Easy

Networking Secrets Revealed

Here's how you can instantly add people to your network!

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