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Business Building Audio CDs

Networking Power Pak

By far this is our most popular CD package offering. With this Power Pak you get one audio CD and one data CD jam packed with special reports, quick start guide, action plans, e-books, etc.  Develop sales leads.  Improve your marketing education, sales ideas and overall business growth strategy.  A wealth of sales instruction in one pack!

Explode your networking now. You get all this:

Audio CD - Referral Programs

Networking Workbook - popular e-book

Networking Quick Start Guide


Guerrilla Marketing in 30 Days - Excerpt - Day 12 - Networking

SPECIAL REPORT - Adding to Your Network

SPECIAL REPORT - Networking for Success


SPECIAL REPORT - Where Can I Go To Network?

A lot of this material is used when I speak to audiences made up of people like you. Some of you would prefer audio CDs to listen to in your car when you cant read. This makes it even easier to learn about marketing and fun too.

Individually the value of this Power Pak is $119

Offered exclusively on this site for you at $47

Instant Customers! - 10 Things To Do To Get A Customer Now And Other Insider Secrets.

This live presentation of a TeleSeminar by Al Lautenslager provides the insiders secrets you need to know to build up a solid customer base for your businesses and how you can leverage those opportunities for quick business.

In this CD, you learn:

- At least 10 things you can do today that work

- Things that don't work and why

- How to get other people to do your marketing for you

- Ways to get not just the order but the ongoing business

- A source to instantly add people to your network

- How a personal touch can add to your business

- 15 ways to market with articles

>>And Much, Much More!

62 minutes…..$19.95 

The Balancing Act - The Role Of The Selling Owner

You’ve got a business, now what? Something must get sold. Who sells it? To whom? What do you sell? Who is ultimately responsible? The salesperson, the sales manager, the business owner? What is the role of the business owner?

This year you are going to lose 25% of your business*. What are you going to do about it? *Average attrition rate in some industries.

At no other time in the past decade have business owners faced such a flurry of sales issues flying at them all at once. Do I have the right sales approach? Do I have the right people selling for me? Do I have enough sales activity? Do I as the owner need to be calling on customers and prospects? When will things turn around for our industry? Many entrepreneurs and business owners accustomed to good times may not have the experience or memories to fall back on during the down cycles. Knowing the role of the owner in all of these situations is paramount to the success of a business.

Al Lautenslager lays out the owners role in selling, how marketing fits in and how a business can grow with the right sales and marketing attitude, skills, environment and organization, in this live presentation.

62 minutes.....$19.95

The Power of Marketing Focus

Jack Canfield stated in his Power of Focus book that the main reason most people struggle professionally and personally is simply lack of focus. The American Heritage Dictionary defines focus as: adjustment for distinctness or clarity; a center of interest or activity; to concentrate on; sharply or clearly defined. It also defines Power as the ability or capacity to act or perform effectively; strength or force exerted.

Al will show that, just like the Power of Focus for your life, your Power of Marketing Focus can be broken down into goal categories to focus on. Combining the teachings of Jack Canfield and Jay Conrad Levinson, the father of Guerrilla Marketing, he will review things that a business can do today, to not only get an order, but to get a new customer and the business. Gaining a customer and gaining the business vs. just getting an order certainly is more important, especially when calculating a customer’s lifetime value. Communicating benefits and creating awareness in the marketplace to a target market are the challenges at hand in today’s economy.

In the spirit of Guerrilla Marketing, the primary marketing investment any business makes is not money, but time, energy and imagination. You secure these investments with patience, which is not in ample supply in these competitive times. Al will illustrate how you can market while saving time which is saving money and also share other cost effective marketing tips and techniques that will create a top of mind awareness for your business and brand in your marketplace.

Whether it is overall success or your marketing, it isn’t magic or hocus pocus it’s simply learning how to focus.

77 minutes......$19.95 

WS Radio Interview with Al Lautenslager – “ PR Today”

WS Radio, FEATURING ENTREPRENEUR RADIO, "The Voice of Entrepreneur Magazine" has over One Million Monthly Listeners! They are the world-wide leader in internet talk radio. They regularly feature top business leaders and entrepreneurs telling the secrets of their success. Their interviewees offer new ideas and resources that help you build your entrepreneurial success. This tape is a live interview with Al Lautenslager on the subject of “PR TODAY”. Al offers insight, tips and techniques related to some of the basics of PR, press releases, press release distribution, and other media attention getting methods. Join Al and host Will Robinson for an insightful interview.

17 minutes……..$19.95

Opportunity is Everywhere, You Just Have To Know Where To Look

This live seminar presentation provides great insight and true example on the subject of “finding opportunity.” Al Lautenslager, international speaker, author, business owner, and marketing consultant takes audiences to a whole new level of thinking with his insight on “finding opportunity.” With more than two decades of business, marketing and development expertise, Al has developed the unique R.A.D.A.R. process to help companies and organizations go below the radar to find pebbles of opportunity that turn into boulders of success. He will help your company or organization change their perception on finding opportunities by “connecting the dots” in a different way. Through engaged marketing, Al speaks on how you can see the links between unrelated things, marshal all the forces to connect them in unique ways to create opportunity and momentum.

After breaking out of a 17 year corporate career, Al decided to start seeking more opportunity. He fulfilled his entrepreneurial urges and became successful. He found that he not only was an idea generator, a good communicator and possessed an ability to sell ideas; he found that he was creating, pursuing and developing opportunity after opportunity, whether it was a business idea or a marketing idea to further a business along. He’s lived this, researched it, and seen those without it and now wants to share it.

45 minutes…….$19.95 

Order any two CD's and the live interview on WS Radio tape is included for free!

Now you have absolutely no excuse to take your marketing to the next level. If you don’t have time to read, listen. If you don’t like tapes, read your way to success.

Either way you win!

What are you waiting for?
Thanks for listening (no pun intended).


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