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Articles for Reprint

Marketing Tips from Market-For-Profits.com
© 2004 Al Lautenslager

• Direct mail is still popular and generates sales. In some cases it generates sales that internet and email marketing won’t.

• Postcards save the cost of envelopes and can be printed in larger quantities.

• Even though you don't like your picture, put it on your printed material. You wouldn't believe how it helps to start relationships.

• Offer to your prospects and customers your own tips list. You are an expert in something and they would like to learn from you.

• Mail 4 times to 1000 people vs. 1 time to 4000 people. Your response will be higher.

• Offer a hook; something of value; something of interest; something to cause the phone to ring.

• What can you say that you are "the only one in the world" about?

• People never throw away magnets. Just look at my refrigerator.

• For people that are hard to get a hold of, call them at 7:50 a.m and 5:20 p.m. each day. You will get noticed and may catch them after or before hours.

• Hire a professional for something that you are trying to do yourself. You will save time which eventually means more money to you.

• Be nice to your competitors. Talk to them. You'd be surprised how many ways you can work together (all in the spirit of Anti-Trust Laws!).

• Use a large white or colored envelope with printing all over it to deliver quotes, product/service information or other correspondence to customers and prospects. It will get noticed.

• Remind your customers and prospects that it is time again to re-order whatever it is you are selling.

• Prospects and customers like calls to action. They can make decisions but like it when you make the decisions for them. E.g. Call me now or email me with your next marketing need.

• Make a contract with yourself for accomplishing a monumental task. If I get my newsletter written today, I will treat myself to a new music CD.

Hopefully you will have fun with these and maybe even benefit from them. Let me know what you think and if you think these are helpful.

Get a free 7 step PR plan by sending a blank email to prplan@market-for-profits.com or get a report on how to instantly add 50 people to your network by going to www.Market-For-Profits.com.

Al Lautenslager is a speaker, author, business owner, consultant, a certified guerrilla marketing coach who helps businesses and professionals increase their revenue through focused marketing and an increased client base. Al also is the featured PR expert for entrepreneur.com. He can be contacted at al@market-for-profits.com or through his website, www.Market-For-Profits.com

PERMISSION TO REPUBLISH: These articles may be republished in newsletters and on websites provided attribution is provided to the author and it appears with the included copyright and resource box.

Email notice of intent to publish is appreciated: al@market-for-profits.com.


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