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Media Kit
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WHO: Al Lautenslager, Author, Speaker, Marketing Expert and Entrepreneur


-A 30 Day Plan to Increase Profitability and Customers
by Jay Conrad Levinson and Al Lautenslager

WHEN: Anytime by appointment; try me without an appointment if you have an emergency or a cancellation.

WHERE: National interviews by phone; personal appearances in key U.S. cities.

WHY: To provide your audience with a stimulating, entertaining guest expert, who offers expert marketing solutions for small businesses and professionals emphasizing low or no budgets and perspectives on all related topics.


• The guerrilla marketing concept was created by Jay Conrad Levinson. It has become the phrase that has taken on the meaning of many, non-traditional, low-cost, highly effective marketing initiatives.

• Guerrilla marketing in 30 Days is a disciplined approach to marketing that will help you avoid wasted efforts. Effective marketing is the key to business growth. This book will help you focus on proven tactics, put the marketing pieces together, stay motivate and market successfully without large budget dollars.

• “Today’s world demands that you market yourself even more and the process has become more competitive and more expensive. Finding more efficient and cost-effective ways to do this is key to business success and survival,” states Lautenslager.

• There is no doubt that markets today are changing fast; perhaps faster than marketing itself. When you consider all the books you could read, all the seminars you could attend or the marketing consultants and coaches you could hire, it makes the thought of marketing seem mysterious, intimidating and even terrifying. Having a marketing blueprint that tells you when and how to put one foot in front of the other on your marketing path to success is the strength of the two marketing geniuses behind this book.

• This book couldn’t have come at a better time. Given the economic challenge of the past couple of years, the ideas and process reviewed in this book will revitalize any and all marketing plans. Lautenslager predicts business will experience renewed enthusiasm for what they do as a result of reading Guerrilla Marketing in 30 Days.

To make your job easier, here are some sample questions…

ž What is Guerrilla Marketing?

ž What are some examples?

ž Does this really work?

ž How can one sort out all of the marketing information available today?

ž Why don’t you encourage large ad budgets for small business?

ž What would you suggest as the top 5 low or no cost guerrilla marketing strategies for small businesses and professionals?

ž In all the talk about Guerrilla Marketing, why don’t you discuss advertising much?

ž In the book you talk about a marketing mindset. Elaborate on that.

ž How important is defining a target market?

ž What are some examples of a “niche”?

ž Any tips on networking?

ž How can PR be used to get the word out? How much does this cost?

ž Explain what you mean by benefit orientation.

ž How can our listeners get a hold of your book or contact you for marketing coaching and consulting?

ž What exactly is Guerrilla marketing; how is it different than traditional marketing?

ž How come some marketing works and some doesn’t?

ž In today’s world of the internet what can you say about online marketing?

ž What is the AIDA formula in marketing?

ž How can people book Al or get the book, GUERRILLA MARKETING IN 30 DAYS

o www.GuerrillaMarketingin30Days.com

o Toll free: 877-IN30DAYS

Click here for an excerpt from the book. To set up an interview, E-Mail Al or phone him at (630) 740-1397.

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