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Advanced Marketing 1 on 1, Turbo-Charge Program – Ongoing / Monthly
This is an advanced program for those that know the marketing basics well. This program is not for everyone. A lot of the fundamental planning components are skipped and immediately developed for implementation. This program takes the marketing habit of accountability to an all time high and has a great demand for your individual responsibility and action planning. Implementation and follow up is a critical component of this program. Intense coaching and solution review happen at a fast paced rate with intense review and critique. This program is completely tailored to your needs, your company situation, your plan currently in place and the attention to specific projects, products or services required. This program is less structure but more intense. The fee of $995 per month gives you unlimited attention personally, one on one by Al Lautenslager or another certified guerrilla marketing coach associate that works with Al. Structure is determined on an ongoing basis with your coach. There is a 2-month minimum commitment for Advanced Marketing 1 on 1.

Guerrilla Marketing in 30 Days Program – Annual Commitment
This coaching program is a program designed around Al’s latest book in the Guerrilla Marketing Series co-authored with Jay Conrad Levinson, the father of guerrilla marketing, Guerrilla Marketing in 30 Days. This is a practical coaching program and guidance for expanding an organization’s client base with consistent, step by step marketing methods and activities. 30 different marketing concepts are covered, one each day. This program is spread over a years time. The outcome is a marketing plan, implementation schedule (marketing calendar), a list of the most appropriate weapons, and more.

This coaching program is presented by Al Lautenslager, principal of Marketing For Profits, award-winning business owner, professional speaker and the PR expert for the online version of Entrepreneur Magazine, Al also is a certified Guerrilla Marketing Coach/Mentor.

In today’s economy, businesses are trying to find new ways to gain market share and in some cases just to stay even with prior year’s business. Finding new ways to market that use time, energy and imagination instead of money will be the key for many of these businesses. This coaching program and book provides a starting point for marketing and a focus on promoting a business. It is a discussion of the tools, tips and techniques that will aid in effective marketing action plans to jumpstart client acquisition and eventual sales. These straightforward tips and techniques will take marketing from ground zero to a whole new level in just 30 coaching sessions. Formulating a set of simple actions to do consistently, is the answer to today’s marketing and sales challenges. Guerrilla Marketing In 30 Days will do just that. Guerrilla Marketing In 30 Days provides a starting point for marketing, a focus and an accountability system. This program is only for those intensely committed to the development and implementation of their marketing for their business, organization, department or project over the course of a year. This program is intense, phone calls are often with follow up and accountability a must. This annual program is not for the faint of heart and is limited as to acceptance into the program. The financial investment is $5000 for the year.

Power Marketing Consulting Program
Marketing consulting by Al Lautenslager is available on a project by project, company by company basis. The investment is determined after an initial consultation with Al.

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