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If you've ever been part of a group workshop, seminar, or TeleClass, you're aware of the energy and special results that can come out of a group of people working as a group.

When you combine "coaching", which helps people to achieve their goals, with the "team" concept of doing so in a committed group, you have a very powerful combination.

Coaching groups are fun for participants and coach, and are a powerful and effective support mechanism for participants. The format and structure of a coaching group builds participant loyalty and retention as they bond, help each other, and experience a boost in their quality of life as a result.Ē

Our Guarantee: If you are not totally satisfied after the first two sessions, you can ask for your money back. Unconditionally.

Many small business people and professionals donít want to market, donít know where to start, find it challenging to focus and want help putting one foot in front of the other. Also as witness to many of these businesses, great success does not always come from working alone. With the help of others, participants stay motivated and challenged in the pursuit of marketing goals and business success. Joining forces with a group of like minded people in similar situations allows for collective collaboration in meeting similar challenges.

Groups are geared to service professionals, small business owners, entrepreneurs, and marketing managers within larger organizations, executives, consultants and directors.

Group coaching meetings are held via conference phone calls, on a particular day of the week for your designated group.

Group Coaching meetings are on a bridge line that is similar to a conference call. You will be given the bridge line number to call and a password upon registration. The bridge line call is a long distance call, charged at your normal long distance phone rates. Most are around $0.05 per minute. Calls typically last an hour.

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