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Marketing Components of Coaching

The following is information covered during a typical program. In each session you will be "coached" on how these principle applies to your business. Our goal is creating results so you may be given a homework assignment each session. We also help you stay accountable for taking action. Program components may vary slightly depending on the particular needs and goals identified by the group.

The Essentials of Guerrilla Marketing

Learn the 18 characteristics of Guerrilla Marketing

12 Key Questions of assessing your business

17 Common Roadblocks to Marketing Success - Uncovering underlying issues that block success are keys to lasting success.

Defining Your Attack Market with Strengths and Improve the Weaknesses

The 16 GM Competencies. Each competency presents a clear coaching opportunity by identifying problem areas and focusing on action steps that raise these scores.

Review of assessment and roadblocks from Week One

Focusing Your Attack: Defining Your Benefits and Target Market

Define Your Target Market

Clarify the difference between benefits and features

Create you own customized benefits list for your business

Developing and refining your marketing message; Coaching on presenting your marketing message.

Individual Coaching on the 16 GM Competencies

100 Marketing Weapons For Your Attack

100 Marketing Weapons for your attack.

Focusing on a few for your launch; prioritization.

Creating Your Seven Step Marketing Plan

Together you and your coach will develop your Seven Step Marketing Plan.

Launching and Tracking Your Attack

Create Your Marketing Calendar

Check-in on the GM Competencies

Message and Target Market review

Making your Marketing More Effective

Create your list of Fusion Marketing Partners

Contact key members of this list to strategize win-win partnerships

On-line/email marketing

Review and determine follow up coaching

Additional Emphasis

Follow up

Make up


Additional Emphasis


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