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Guerrilla Marketing Books
Order a book from the Market For Profits Bookstore today!

Market For Profits will help you cut through the clutter. We have done exactly that with the following most recommended Guerrilla Marketing books. These are perfect for any business with a limited budget, wanting the most essential guerrilla marketing books available. Read them for a complete marketing education. These work!

Guerrilla Marketing has become a landmark book in 41 languages for one simple reason: it works like no other marketing: to maximize your profits and minimize your investment.

Small and large businesses alike have applied the principles of Guerrilla Marketing because of their simplicity, common sense, and record of being proven in action. One of the main reasons that businesses fail is lack of marketing insight. Guerrilla Marketing provides that insight.

With 14 million copies of Guerrilla Marketing books sold worldwide, and the many university MBA programs offering Guerrilla Marketing, this is now far beyond an opinion. Guerrilla Marketing is the best known marketing brand in history.

Guerrilla Marketing in 30 Days
A Thirty Day Tactical Plan To Maximize Profits and Customers
by Jay Conrad Levinson
& Al Lautenslager

Do you have more customers than you can handle? Probably not.

Can't decide where to begin marketing? Probably not.

Is your advertising budget virtually non-existant? If so, then "Guerilla Marketing in 30 Days is for you.

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Jay Levinson and Al Lautenslager have distilled material from the series of guerrilla marketing books down into  step-by-step plans that will enable anyone with a sincere desire and commitment to attain success, while making a profit.

BULK SPECIAL (1 box, 20 books)
Only $340 - Available NOW!!




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