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Marketing Consulting
Market for Profits With Your Own Marketing Consultant

The main focus of Market For Profits is to deliver you a product, service, information or consultations that will help you take your marketing to a new level. This could mean making it happen on an automatic basis while you do the things that you do best or it could mean strategizing with us for the best ways for you and your company to go to market. Regardless of which resource is best for you, you will benefit.

After your review of all the information, products and services we offer, call us to help you put your ideas in motion. You will soon be realizing the benefits of Market For Profits and increasing your bottom line.

We can consult with you either by phone or in person. We do travel on a limited basis and are local to the Chicago, IL and surrounding suburban area.

For the Best Results from Consulting:

Typically we work in an ongoing consulting relationship arrangement. The actual development and delivery of the marketing takes place often, with a retainer program. Many marketing programs require consistent touches to the marketplace and the target audiences; therefore the results aren't realized immediately. Because of this we highly recommend a longer term relationship and the retainer arrangements. Call to discuss arrangements and fees.

For shorter term work we can develop and deliver ala carte items, (press releases, feature articles, sales letters, email campaign, newsletter development, etc.). This is all done by telephone and email.

Our goal with an ongoing consulting relationship is to maximize the results of all marketing efforts. Continuous and consistent application of simple marketing strategies and techniques will increase your exposure to your target market and eventually increase your sales. Utilizing the guidance of a marketing professional will make positive results happen quicker and more efficiently, allowing you to spend time doing what you do best.
If you are like me, this is not a hobby and you have plenty of experience. Now it's time to get serious about marketing and to market for profits. Why try to figure out what to do and when, chewing up valuable time and resources? That's where we come in.
With an ongoing consulting relationship, we will help you develop strategies and tactics efficiently.

Our fees for an ongoing consulting relationship depend on the amount of time required and the size of the project. For a complete price quote to fit your budget, please call Market For Profits at (630) 871-0085 or e-mail me with your questions: al@market-for-profits.com.

Click here for the Market For Profits Brochure (PDF)

Marketing Consulting That We Offer (Call to discuss fee arrangement):
Our core competency is strategic marketing and message development.

  • We will provide programs, strategies, tips and techniques on how to turn prospects into paying clients and customers.
  • We will provide you with a "Keep In Touch" Marketing Program to help you, your business, your brand, and your product or service stay in front of clients, potential clients and associates. They will return to do business, give you new business or refer business to you.
  • We will develop a direct marketing program tailored to your business and specifically designed for high probability results with your target markets. These programs may consist of email programs and direct mail marketing just to name a few.
  • We will provide a plan for you to generate interest and attention for your business and to get good qualified prospects who are ready to do business to approach you.
  • We will provide programs for networking including the generation of referrals.
  • We will provide PR plans and programs, including press releases and related publicity, distribution of press releases, article submission programs and information on getting published.
  • Feature article writing with your by-line promoting you and your company as the experts.
  • Communication of benefits and advantages
  • Market For Profits can build a comprehensive written marketing plan for your company, fully articulated to achieve your goals. This can be a separate plan or part of an overall business plan.
  • Al Lautenslager, the principal of Market For Profits, can act as your interim Chief Marketing Officer.
  • Marketing Plans for new business ventures, new product launches and new service introductions are offered.
  • Market For Profits can suggest promotional and ad programs along with other traditional marketing methods to reach your target audience.
  • Our services can include help with the copywriting that may be needed for documentation, PR, advertisements, direct mail, web sites, etc.
  • We will help you outright communicate your value, features, benefits and advantages.
  • You will get powerful strategies and techniques to:
    • Increase your number of clients and customers
    • Increase your clients buying frequency
    • Increase order sizes

After you review your needs and our offerings, please contact us. Call us at (630) 740-1397 or e-mail us with your questions, ideas and timetable: al@market-for-profits.com.

Click here for the Market For Profits Brochure (PDF)



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