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Coaching and Consulting

Over a million people have benefited from Jay Levinson's Guerrilla Marketing books. Now, for the first time ever, your business has access to these revolutionary marketing strategies combined with the expertise of a professional marketing coach. With a coach you can accelerate your marketing knowledge, your marketing experience, and your marketing action with all the insights and wisdom that Guerrilla Marketing has used since 1984. It's like putting a turbo charger on your business success; like having a personal trainer for your marketing goals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Coaching?

Group Coaching  Typical Coaching Format

Advantages of Group Coaching

Marketing Components of Coaching

Benefits to You

You Get: A professionally trained expert in classical marketing with practical experience in the latest trends and newest marketing techniques.

You Benefit From: Insight and under-standing that is needed to implement successful marketing plans as well as a strategic perspective tempered by hands on experience.

You Will: Reach a higher level of marketing that will maximize your success.

Our Passion: Our passion is to form long-lasting, partnering relationships with our clients.

Our Mission: We help professional businesses and organizations market their business in order to increase their client base, increase business with current clients and to gain more referrals.


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