Who Do You Know?
by Alfred Lautenslager

We've all heard that networking should be an integral part of our total marketing plan but what is networking? And is it the same for off-line marketing as it is for on-line marketing? The answer to both questions is yes. Many Internet marketers venture off into classified ads, opt-in mailing lists, and postings of all sorts. Many times the traditional networking ways of off-line marketing are forgotten. So, what is networking in the traditional marketing sense, (NOT networking marketing or MLM programs)?

Simply stated, networking is contact to establish relationships that can lead to business. Sometimes the path to business is direct; other times it is indirect such as referrals. The person you know knows someone else who needs your products/services.

Networking means making these contacts and building on them by talking with people about what you do and who you are. It also is in turn, listening to them to see how you might assist them in what they do.

These contacts, the people you need to know or the people that can help you, might be right under your nose. To help build that list, answer the following:

  1. Who has taken an interest in you lately or in the past?
  2. Who have you been good friends with?
  3. Who do you always talk business with when you get together?
  4. Who has helped you or offered encouragement or advice in your business.
  5. Who do you go to when you have a challenge or particular need?
  6. Who comes to you for help?
  7. Who do you idolize?

This list could go on and on but the general notion is we are already networking, networking is all around us and the people to build our network with are with us everyday.

The following list will detail at least 50 people that you can instantly add to your network right now. All you need to do is actually fill in the name of the person next to his or her classification. When you are all finished you will have the basis for an outstanding networking list that will produce the results that you are working for, regardless of your specific networking goal. This list is by no means exhaustive. It is suggested that you choose 1 or 2 people for a group of these and start making more of an attempt to put yourself in front of them. You will then determine whom you can help and who can help you.

50 -- Who do You Know -- 50

1. Neighbors
2. Country Clubs
3. Fraternity Members
4. Electronic Contacts
5. Family Members
6. Former Employer
7. Former Customer
8. Current Customer
9. Former Educator
10. Scoutmaster
11. Attorney
12. Banker
13. Former Employees
14. Delivery Driver
15. Bartender
16. Politicians
17. Hobby Clubs
18. Real Estate Brokers
19. Travel Agent
20. Executive Recruiters
21. Postal Workers
22. Coffee Shop/ Bakers
23. Firefighter
24. Golfing Buddies
25. Law Enforcers
26. Friends
27. Celebrities
28. Social Organization Members
29. Doctors
30. Vets
31. Parents of Child's Schoolmates
32. PR contacts
33. Auto Dealers/Service
34. Best Friend
35. Leads Clubs
36. Store Owners
37. Chamber of Commerce Members
38. Printer
39. Service Organization Members
40. Dry Cleaners
41. City/County Government
42. Health Clubs
43. Church Members
44. Hotel Concierge
45. Trade Organization
46. Kids Sports Coach
47. Investment Clubs
48. Accountant
49. Alumni Clubs
50. Teammates Parents

Knowing people who already believe in you and your company, people who will recommend you, refer to you and open doors for you can make the difference between marginal performance and great success.

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