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Free Marketing Articles

Do you want lots of marketing tips/articles and want it now?

At Market For Profits, we believe in giving you valued information. We want to be your marketing resource center. These articles are a collection of effective tactics and strategies for attracting new clients. They are packed with many valuable tips, techniques and information gained from our many years of experience and application; and they work.

These hands-on articles were developed with your results in mind. All are complementary to the other tools and information brought to you by Market For Profits.

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General Marketing Articles
- The Many Forms of Public Attention
- Marketing is Made Up of Many Many Things
- Telling Your Marketing Story In One or Two Pages
- Trade Show Marketing Works if You Work at It
- Working Your Marketing
- Differentiation Through Unique Value
- Promotion, Focus and Optimization
- Postcard Marketing
- How To Get Your Mail Piece Read
- How To Go Above The Industry Standard 2% Return on Direct Mail Postcard Marketing
Public Relations Articles
- Your Friend, The Editor!
- Is PR Just Press Releases?
- I Sent a Press Release Once and Nothing Happened
- 38 Reasons To Do A Press Release
- Which One? A Press Release, Feature Article or High-Impact Direct Sales Letter?
- Should I Hire a PR Agency?
- The All Important Press Kit
- Cost Effective Marketing: The Press Release
- Getting The Word Out - It Doesn't Have To Be Costly
Networking Articles
- Who Do You Know?

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