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Tens of Thousands of Dollars of Marketing
Without Spending a Dime!

Now, a quick and easy way to kick
your PR into high gear today.

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·       Do you have a website to promote and announce?

·       Have you re-located?

·       Did you add people to your organization or re-organize?

·       Do you have a new product to announce?

·       Have an announcement to TELL THE WORLD?

If you or your company are involved in any of
the above, PR can be your secret to even
more business success!

Companies and organizations just like yours are reaching higher levels of success everyday - and they’re doing it with just a little bit of PR - Press Releases, News and Feature Articles, Feature Interviews, etc.

Instant and Effective PR!

If you have ever wondered how you are going to write that press release to announce your news, have the article written, with you as the author for higher responses, then you know exactly what Instant and Effective PR is all about…… Now, before you think, "Yeah, right, I’ve heard that before", let me tell you why this is different.

First of all, I've been where you are. I know what it is like to want to tell the world something but didn’t know what to say, where to begin or what to write. I had no experience writing press releases. I wish I would have had this back then.

The PR Workbook - a quick and easy way to kick your PR into high gear today

This PR Workbook is brand new. It was created with the busy professional in mind. You don’t need to spend your time writing! Spend your time where you spend it best… On Your Business.  This easy to do guide takes you through the press release writing and feature article development process quicker and more efficiently than trying to learn as you go.

Just See What You May Have
In Just a Few Days From Now!

  • An Expertly Written Press Release by you
  • Reach millions
  • Free publicity
  • 80% of all business articles in print come from PR
  • Extremely cost effective
  • Compare to PR agency costs – you don’t need on; you can do this
  • Exposure = Cash
  • Increase the chances of generating the media coverage you want
  • An Article, By You, Giving You Instant Credibility
  • Make yourself an instant expert
  • Puts your name in the "byline"
  • Gets far more attention than an ad
  • Customers respect and buy from people who write articles
  • You can get response for months to come

And Even More!..

What would you like to do now?

Click here to Purchase Your Instant PR Workbook

Promote Your Business or Organization With Your Own Professionally Written Press Release and Feature Articles; capture the power of PR!

Imagine what one successful story about your
company will do.

Free publicity is advertising worth hundreds and thousands of dollars.

Your press releases will go the distance.

Part of managing the total marketing campaign and especially the Public Relations portion is supplying the media with a unique story that will grasp their reader and viewer audiences. Press Releases also have a dramatic impact on customers and your targeted prospects.

You get... 

Instant and Effective PR

Click here to Purchase Your Instant PR Workbook

It's then yours to distribute to the world!!!

The PR Workbook is intended exclusively for tyou, and contains all of the step-by-step instructions on how to construct a press release and write a feature article that you could need.

This PR workbook contains real-life press releases, special reports and templates that simplify the process of developing your own press materials.

“I had a new e-book and website redesign to announce and wasn’t sure of the best way to construct the press release. This workbook answered any and all questions I had about PR. I’ve even been publicized already.” – Kurt Scholle, www.novacon.net

A unique and valuable feature of this PR Workbook is the special reports and real live examples. Step-by-step, it walks you through the process of promoting your news and connecting with the media.

"Being successful in has never been harder. To have a good product and service is simply not enough. You have to have prospects coming in all the time. . Doing public relations helps us with that constant flow of prospects." – Jeff Korhan, www.treemendous.com

This Workbook will place
the power of public relations and
marketing in your hands.

  Marketing and PR, though often overlooked and under funded, is crucial to both startup success and the building and maintaining of critical sales levels. While there are many things you can do in house, and direct, I have found a public relations campaign essential to building large scale awareness of a business quickly and effectively.

I spent many years hoping (and expecting) the media would "find" me. Don't take that chance- aggressively pursuing publicity pays off much better.

Click here to Purchase Your Instant PR Workbook


·       Creates name recognition for you, your products and your company

·       Customers are informed about your offerings that they want

·       You provide the media much needed editorial and news content of interest to their audiences

·       Employee morale increases as the company name is mentioned in the media

·       The return on investment can be very high; is cheaper than advertising

·       Provides credibility

·       Provides a good feeling for customers and vendors when they see you in the media

·       Supports other advertising and selling that you do

·       Can actually generate sales leads

·       Creates a positive impression 

Click here to Purchase Your Instant PR Workbook

Order today and receive these special reports free:

PR is Just Another Touch

PR in 7 Days

38 Reasons to Do a Press Release

Wearing Two Pair of Shoes
Who to Send Your Press Release To

Tie Your PR to Things in the News

This e-book is available right now in an instantly downloadable file that you will receive immediately. No waiting. A hard copy will not be shipped. We can ship one if you want one for $10 extra but the downloadable e-book is the same material.

Click here to Purchase Your Instant PR Workbook

This is currently being offered at pre-introduction beta pricing for $99 $49 if you order in the next 3 Days.

Click Here to Order your Instantly Downloadable E-book. You will be creating your first press release in a matter of minutes. Literally.

Click here to Purchase Your Instant PR Workbook

PR Workbook author, Al Lautenslager is the best-selling co-author of
Guerrilla Marketing in 30 Days with Jay Conrad Levinson.

Guerrilla Marketing in 30 Days,
other products and other coaching can be purchased at:

www.gm30.com or www.market-for-profits.com

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