"You’re a nobody and not many people buy books from a nobody "


But they do buy books from nobodies if those, that are somebodies, likes their book, reads their book, buys their book and endorses their book.


Endorsements are necessary to sell a book.


Unless you are J.K. Rowling, you need the credibility and I know you are not her.

She has no need to visit this site.


“A book without blurbs is a naked book”

            -Al Lautenslager


Let’s face it:


Your job as an author is to go get those somebodies!


Once you get those somebodies, you then have credentials!


Now there is a way...


Credentials sell books

Credibility attracts publishers

Credentials can get you an agent



You’ve seen and head the commercial from Allstate Insurance stating, You're in Good Hands with Allstate, and you see or envision a set of cupped hands. The right book blurbs are those same set of hands cupping your book with the greatest of care and security.


“Youre in good hands with a good book blurb”


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Lets visit the mind of your potential book buyer, potential agent or publisher:


“This book looks interesting but I've never heard of this author. I wonder who she is and if her book is any good? The cover and title look interesting but I'm still not sure. Ok I'll pick it up. Lets scrutinize it. Wow! Look at this blurb. If he likes the book, that good enough for me. I just finished one of his books and it was great. I love his work. I'm buying this book!"


Ka-ching – Oh the power of the blurb


This happens many times daily in every book selling venue imaginable, on or offline.


Oh the power of the blurb


The right blurb with the right words make people rush to buy and then rush home to start reading the book proudly pushed by the book blurb.    (You already know this....click here to order this e-book)


Factoid: Just the L.A.Times alone
receives over 700 books per week for review.


It's clear that endorsements provide the push that interested shoppers need to become dedicated book buyers. They provide the credibility of the quality of your book, your expertise, knowledge and legitimacy of being an author.

KEY POINT: Endorsements prove that you can provide value to the book buyer.


Ever see a sales rep from a book publishing company selling to a book chain book buyer?

All they show are book covers along with a brief pitch.


Now you can get the blurb you need.


A good book blurb is a good salesperson.


One vote of confidence from a famous name can launch the most non-famous book.


Now for the good news……


You can get these endorsements.


You can get these endorsements with just 4 things:








And most of all……Know How


Its not easy asking for blurbs. One screw up can ruin an opportunity with your idols.


Just asking friends can be awkward.

It changes your whole relationship.


Does anyone like asking for blurbs?

Is anxiety present during the process?

What if my friends don’t like my book?

Who do I approach?

What do I say?

How do I say it?

When do I ask?

Is there an easier way?

Is there something that can just tell me each step of the way?

What if I get one?


More good news….


All of the above questions have answers and you can get them

quickly and inexpensively.


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  • I have obtained those blurbs that did make a difference in book sales.                                       

  • I had an audience with a publisher for over half a day just because of one endorsement. (Ask me and Ill tell you all about it and who the blurb was from)

  • I have hit the best seller list, endorsed by other best sellers.

Now you can too...



In Search of the Book Blurb

A concise, powerful, simple step by step program to get you noticed…


Not only by book buyers but by agents and publishers.


Publishers expect you to hustle positive comments from all known people. It ensures more of a national platform that all publishers and agents look for.


In Search of a Book Blurb

tells you how, when, why and what to do to get that celebrity nod.


In Search of a Book Blurb

even tells you what to say.


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You get all this and more:

  • Over 20 sample blurbs

  • The exact process that I followed every step of the way

  • A checklist for your pursuit

  • A case study of how author and coach C. J. Hayden did it

  • Comments from several best selling authors on their blurb experience

  • Celebrity contact information sources.

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You can spend thousands on publicists and consultants to help you with this or

You can use this hand guide to start and be well into your pursuit today.


Judging a book by its cover:  On average book store shoppers spend 8-10 seconds looking at the front cover of the book and just slightly more than that looking at the back cover. What do you think they look at? Blurbs!


With this easy to use, easy to read, immediately downloadable e-book, you can start today; literally.


Nothing will happen with your book publishing project until you take the next step.


This is the next step.


Don’t put it off.


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You will be amazed at how easy this is and how it actually works. Imagine that feeling when the top one, two or three people on your dream list communicate with you.


Imagine that feeling when your idol comments favorably about your book.


I guarantee you will tell the world about it and guess what…….Maybe the world will then buy your book.


Thanks for listening and have fun while you’re at it.


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P.S. This ebook is not for everyone. If you are in the celebrity spotlight already and have Jay Leno’s cell phone number, you don’t need this. If you are Stephen King or Stephen Covey, save your money. (If you are Stephen King or Stephen Covey, contact me at al@market-for-profits.com). If you have a best seller in your hands and everyone has heard about you, this e-book is not for you. If time is not of the essence and you know the ins and outs of the publishing business, save your money. This e-book is for everyone else not described here.


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